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  • Tyranny Of The Minority

    Ted Frier

    US Senators behaving like talk radio bloviators is never a pretty sight. But that was the undignified example Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander set on Friday when he insisted a rule change on the filibuster by Senate Democrats to restrict the minority's obstruction was "the most dangerous rest…

  • Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    Ageism: the Silent Killer

    Ageism or age discrimination seriously detracts from effective medical treatment. In contrast to developing countries, where older people are respected and revered, age discrimination is pervasive in all industrialized countries. Medical ageism, which refers to age discrimination in th…

  • Karen McKim

    We can't avoid talking about wealth redistribution

    Help me think this through? My congressman, Mark Pocan, hosted a forum yesterday on a package of legislation he and others have introduced in Congress to "enable women to achieve greater economic security, raise wages, and allow working parents to support and care for their families." The forum did a…

  • Oryoki Bowl

    I am done with you, kale, done

    Let me be the first to admit I am totally sick of kale.  I say this as I eat my last kale salad, at my desk, wishing I had just gone for the romaine or mixed greens.   I eat healthy, and I love my vegetables.  Every week I am at…

  • L in the Southeast

    Better Than Sex

     At first glance, I’m pretty sure I look like a real girly-girl.  I admit to paying meticulous attention to my public presentation – clothes must fit, hair must be neat and the melasma spots on my cheeks concealed.  And I never leave the house without earrings! …

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